Domains21: Michigan State University Enmeshed in the Cloud

I’ll be posting sessions from Domains 21 over the next several weeks as a way to keep OERxDomains21 as close to my blog heart as possible, you’ve been warmed and warned! 🙂

In this session Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Scott Schopieray discuss the ways in which the MESH Research Center at Michigan State University has been using Reclaim Cloud as a sandbox for a wide-variety of applications that will not run in cPanel cleanly. With the ability to quickly stand-up applications like Mattermost, Etherpad, Jitsi, and Discourse, the Cloud might be understood as the requisite hosting environment for a whole new class of next generation applications built in Java, Node.js, Ruby, Go, and, as is increasingly the case, packaged up as a one-click Docker instance.

In addition, this session frames the importance of universities and colleges reclaiming control of their infrastructure as a means to not only explore the edges, but to ensure a degree of data sovereignty for the broader community. As with several other sessions in the Domains21 track, there is a growing sense urgency around exploring open source tools for a degree of platform independence for the broader academic discourse to remain viable.

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