DS106: Drop Tuition Not Bombs

I’m still working on my book cover, but in the meantime I did Michael Branson Smith’s ds106 bumper sticker assignment, which is a blast. I love that it was so dead simple. All I did is take the originalbumper sticker I want to ds106ify and take out the fingers throwing the peace sign and replace them with ds106 dressed in hippie-inspired font I found here. A simple airbrushing out the peace sign and replacing it with the flower powered, bell -bottomed ds106 and that is that.

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5 Responses to DS106: Drop Tuition Not Bombs

  1. dkernohan says:

    YES. Beautiful – love it! Made me wonder whether one could “drop” tuition in the same transformative way as one could “drop”acid. I guess so!

  2. Ben says:

    Or rather drop tuition as if it were high powered ordinance. Drop federal Pell Grants on Libya and Afghanistan, because that’s all they need right? More school would make everything better….

  3. dkernohan says:

    I’d love to drop #ds106 in uk he right now. In either sense…

  4. Stella Meme says:

    That’s so Groovy Baby.
    DS106: Turn on, Tune in and drop tuition. I can dig it!

  5. Jim says:

    I’ve been dropping #ds106 for the last year and a half and it changed my life 🙂

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