ds106 featured of British Tabloid

Has ds106 joined the ranks of Princess Di, Brangelina, and Miley Cyrus? I doubt it, but it really warmed my heart when I saw Ben Rimes’ tweet this morning that a number of ds106 Silent Movie assignments had been featured in the online Daily Mail. I mean let’s face  it, ds106 is pop culture through and through and making it into the pages of the tabloids is kind of the apotheosis of everything we’ve worked towards. It reminds me of Don Delillo’s description in White Noise of the tabloid as a ‘‘mechanism of offering a hopeful twist to apocalyptic events.” I really like to think about ds106 as a hopeful twist on an apocalyptic culture.

I guess next it’s Time magazine:


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5 Responses to ds106 featured of British Tabloid

  1. Nora says:

    I have to admit, when I saw this I was really quite impressed, even though the Daily Mail is basically scum. But still, very cool.

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  3. Mikhail says:

    I think this is the first instance where the press coverage focuses on the work produced by the ds106 community rather than on the class/community itself. It’s also the first that, fwiw, does not mention Jim.

  4. Jim Groom says:


    Good points, and I like the what both of those things portend for the future!

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