ds106 Live Broadcast 7-6-11 The Oblivion Family, the ds106radio show, and insurrection


This is not Jim Groom, it is his wife Antonella Dalla Torre, and I am simply passing this email along that I found open on my husband’s computer. He seems to be under a lot of stress and is nowhere to be found, so I figured I would send this email along in the interest of somehow keeping this class afloat. Wish I could do more, but at this point I am just worried about the health of my husband. If you see him on the internet, tell him to come back home. P.S.–He just happened to have his blog opened as well.

As established in today’s class the O’Blivion’s have officially been banished from the ds106 community. What’s more, the ds106radio radio show theme is a toss-up between Summer Camp and Summer of Oblivion–but given the recent series of events I think Summer of Oblivion is most appropriate—and given this is my class, so it goes. Summer of Oblivion is the official theme. As noted in today’s video, I expect you all to break up into groups of three, ideally, to create a radio show. I want those groups cemented no later than tomorrow morning by 10 AM, at which time you will add your group name and the group members to this wiki page here.

Keep in mind that the shows should be roughly about 5 minutes per person in your group, so if you have three members count on roughly 15 minutes. What’s more, the theme is jumping off point, feel free to interpret and experiment with it as you see fit. The full shows are due no later than midnight on Sunday, July 10th. And they need to be mp3 files and you can add them to the ds106 dropbox here (password “wejamecono” no quotes). Additionally, each group will need to create :30 second and 1 minute long bumpers for their shows no later than 5 PM on Friday, July 8th —which also should be added to the ds106dropbox. In terms of naming conventions, be sure your group name is at the beginning of all your uploaded files, for example “teamgroom_30bumper.mp3”. Let me know if this makes sense.

Below is the video of today’s class, please keep in mind some of the information about the assignment has changed in light of the recent developments, and this email is the official assignment announcement. Remember, you are with or against . There can be no middle ground.

Update: The transcript from the live chat of this session is now available here.

Your one and only leader,
Jim Groom

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  1. David Gurri says:

    I’m still really confused about this radio project… what’re the instructions, exactly? All I know is that there’s a theme involved (and even the theme I’m not sure what you can do with). I have no idea what the bumper is supposed to be, either….

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