Update: The transcript from the live chat of this session is now available here.

Not sure if you have seen today’s live broadcast yet, but it turns out that the O’Blivion family has decided to try and commandeer my course, and as a result I have had to banish them and a series of other ds106 internauts who have chosen to challenge my authority as the captain of this ship in Dr. O’Blivion’s absence. In fact, Dr. O’Blivion himself left me a phone message wherein he left his disapproval, and now he is banished, listen to the audio clip below:

Dr. O’Blivion message and his official banishment

In fact, most of the folks in ds106 in general have forgotten what a source for sweetness and light I have proven during his untimely disappearance. The fickle members of this open, online course have forgotten the blood, sweat, and tears I have poured into this course, and as a result they have been banished and here is the list. I laid out my plea on in this video below—please watch it to learn the score:

Update: Transcript of the live chat from this rant is now available here.

If you are still part of , and you are wise, you will not cross me lest you find yourself on this list. If you are on the list above, apologies being accepted up and until midnight tonight. The clock is ticking people!!!

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9 Responses to BANISHED!!!

  1. Alan Liddell says:

    I regret that I have but one personal cyberinfrastructure to give for DS107.

  2. Dearest Jim Groom –

    I believe that your true self is there, but your @jimgroom digital identity, the internaut we the former followers of #ds106 knew and loved, has been possessed. Your internet soul is at risk at this moment.

    With hope a greater power will command the departure of this evil spirit (might it be Dr. Oblivion?) by this evening’s end. The family you have built with your Bavatuesdays and ds106 sites will be left no choice after this time.

  3. Scott Leslie says:

    Blow it out your ass, Groom, the only thing looser than your grip on DS106 is your grip on reality. WE will avenge Dr. Oblivion and seize control of the horizontal AND the vertical!!!

  4. dkernohan says:

    Splitters – the followers of the apocalypse are DS106 for LIFE. We know how this ends, it’s Britain right noe and it is a desperate time. DS106 is a force for good.

  5. Ben says:

    ds106 IS a force for good, but Jim Groom has revealed himself not to be. He is working for himself, for his own perverted purist vision of what ds106 should be. True believers in ds106 worship together, not apart, but alas Jim has driven many of us out with his heretical statements.

  6. Reverend says:

    @Alan And you will be giving it soon!

    @MBS Abandon your hope hippie, this is the real Jim Groom, and ds106 is mine. Keep cavorting with your #ds107 rebel scum, and you will be out of the circle of trust forever. EVER!!!

    @Scott You get what you pay for! Listen up freeloading hippies, it is time to pay the piper.

    @David I knew I could count on you. The British are so much more enlightened than the North American rebel scum. We will survive this apocalypse together. #4life #ds106 for life!!

    @Ben You’re at the top of my list. You will hear nothing before I strike, pure and utter silence.

  7. Ben says:

    Unless you can do worse than the wicked spam scum that have wreaked havoc with my blog these last few months, I see nothing that you can do to hurt me! We ARE ds106! And if being labeled as rebels, and knocking some sense back into you with ds107, is what it takes so be it!

    We love you, Jim, but we don’t love the monster you’ve become!

  8. Jim please do not mistake my concern for your well being as blithe hippiness.

    You are under a curse, and cheating the whole nation of ds106 with your actions. We may be slow to get angry, but we cannot let the guilty go unpunished!

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