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I Can Read Movies Caddyshack

I absolutely love spacesick‘s homage to various movies by making them into old school books with fascinating, minimalistic design that somehow captures the essence of the films. The series is called “I can read movies”, and the whole thing really appeals to my sene of design. Plus, the idea of movies like Highlander and Dawn of the Dead being turned into novels is its own brilliant  idea all together. I ran across this set while searching for examples of fan art for class tonight, and I have to say this whole idea of framing a series of assignments around various elements of design next semester, say like minimalist movie posters, is definitely gonna have to make its way into ds106.

I mean, how cool is the cover for Dawn of the Dead?

Something my granddaddy used to tell us... You know Macumba? Voodoo. Granddad was a priest in Trinidad. Used to tell us "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth."

I Can Read Movies Dawn of the Dead

Or Highlander?

We're the Princes of the Universe

Or Blade Runner? I mean the whole reading I have of this film is apparent from this cover, it’s so amazing how much a graphic can communicate. Not only that, but how much more viscerally it can communicate it—you just know it when you see it.

And here is the whole set:

And then the actual minimalist movie posters, like backstothewall‘s The Shining poster. Wow!
The Shining

I mean there has to be another two or three weeks built into ds106 for design assignments experimenting with posters, impossible novelization cover designs, and maybe even a fake Criterion DVD cover design.

Got to play with this, which may push me to get better at photoshop and/or illustrator. Or perhaps Gimp so I can actually do it with the class. And that Empire DVD cover reminds me of the brilliant Star Wars travel posters….

Man, the generative creativity of all of us made apparent and accessible by the internet seemingly has no end—it’s really such a source of inspiration and faith for me. Why the hell do I have to continue to deal with the completely debilitating sterility and blindness of the world of education in the face of this unimaginable and seemingly infinite treasure we have at our fingertips.

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