My mother? Let me tell you about my mother….

Thanks to Zach Davis for the pointer to the brilliant blog “If we don’t, remember me.” it’s a concept blog that only has animated gifs from scenes of iconic films that somehow seem to capture the spirit of the movies they come from.  I love this one from Leon’s interview in Blade Runner.  Can’t get enough.

And the scene, one of the very best in a great film—here’s a decent quality version of this scene at no extra cost.

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4 Responses to My mother? Let me tell you about my mother….

  1. Scott Leslie says:

    That is just SO good. The eye flicks, the hair tussled in the wind. Beautiful.

    • Reverend says:


      As the dog suggested, there is something to be said for making art out of animated gifs again. It may be a tectonic shift in the future of the web.

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