Eve Online: A Brief Introduction

I just spent some time with Joe McMahon, our student aide extraordinaire, getting an overview of an online game he is playing called Eve Online. I could try and fumble my way through a more articulate discussion of exactly what this world is, but I’m way too green as of yet and it is -from what I saw- far too complex for such a discussion at this point. Maybe Joe will offer us a more in-depth examination of this game at Student Academy. What did blow me away, however, was the 4 minute introduction that frames the narrative situation for the new user. It is a great scifi premise and really make me excited about the intersections of imagination, creativity, narrative and game play. Anyway, spend four minutes and marvel at the cinematic narrative below that beautifully frames an online world of science fiction game play.


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  1. CrazyKinux says:

    It’s indeed a vast and breathless universe, one that’s kept me playing for the last 3 years (wow as it been that long!). I suggest you look at this post to get a brief overview of why so many of us still enjoy playing the gaming:


    This should help understanding the scope of the possibilities of this ‘gaming world’.


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