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I really like Mojiti! Did I already say this?

I just realized -it was rather self-evident- that you can add spots to a ‘Mojitied’ video right within a blog post. And while you have to be logged on to Mojiti’s service to do this, they are so smart that they allow you to login right through the video on your blog -never having to leave the page.

So, there is really no more than three very simple steps to integrate Mojiti into the classroom:
1) students have to sign-up for a Mojiti account,
2) Add a video and make it public,
and 3) embed the video on your class blog/site.

Once this is done, the class can easily sign-in and annotate a video clip at any given point they want to make a comment, observation, argument, etc. The possibilities are extremely interesting here, especially in the wake of the NMC’s Web Video Convergence conference. One drawback is that you can’t create specific groups you can restrict commenting to (if you’re into that sort of thing), so you could potentially have some drive-by commentary -all of which can be easily flagged right from the blog.

Here are some screen shots of the in-blog login and commentary possibilities.



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2 Responses to More on Mojiti

  1. Martha says:

    So. . .I’m getting the sense that you kind of like Mojiti? 🙂

  2. jimgroom says:

    Just a little bit! I particularly like the fact that they have designed it really intelligently, making it so easy to seamlessly incorporate into the work flow of a blog or site. It is simple and well done.

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