Faculty Academy the 13th

The University of Mary Washington’s 13th Faculty Academy is officially on the books for May 13th & 14th. We yet again have a quite impressive line-up of invited guests including Dr. Janet Murray (of Hamlet on the Holodeck fame), Gene Roche (the inspiration for Gardner’s BlueHost experiment is “coming home”), and finally God’s biggest Red Sox fan in Ohio and my favorite wired language professor Barbara Sawhill.

Now, the only thing scarier than a Red Sox fan may be the initial theme for the 13th Faculty Academy. I had tweeted a few times about how excited I was about it, yet wasn’t at liberty to disclose too much. In the end, I am glad I didn’t because the b-movie slasher theme was “killed,” and replaced with an equally compelling, though not quite as beautifully problematic, theme.

So here is the famous Faculty Academy the 13th banner that never will be….
Image of proposed Faculty Academy banner

But do take consolation in the fact that Martha’s artistic genius has guaranteed that this year’s Faculty Academy will “BOLDLY GO” where no mere conference has gone before, and this I firmly believe! I would complain more about the b-movie slasher theme being nixed if this one wasn’t so fecund for all kinds of great costumes, props, and mashups to come.
Image of faculty academy 2008 banner

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5 Responses to Faculty Academy the 13th

  1. Tom says:


    I’ve got to say the first banner would have made me come live in the parking lot just to be a part of something so beautifully crazy. So it’s a good thing that didn’t work out.

  2. Reverend says:


    You’re a nut, and that’s why I love you. The story behind the FA the 13th banner is fun, the design and idea was the brain child of Martha and at my first DTLT meeting upon my return from UR she unveiled this gem and I thought I would cry! It was sooooooooo beautiful. I still think we have to do an alternative theme, so you can choose your aesthetic. I was just thinking that the theme switcher plugin (which is old school from WP 1.5) just might do the trick.

  3. Barbara says:

    God’s biggest Red Sox fan, you say? Wow, that’s quite a title. Maybe Cleveland’s biggest??.

    I am eternally grateful for Martha’s artistic brilliance (and restraint) on the Faculty Academy banner. The first reason: I might be able to give my presentation dressed as Lt Uhura, or maybe as a Tribble, I can’t decide. I am reviewing our Klingon language tapes either way…

    Second, I am grateful to be going boldly vs the slasher-knife-blood logo given our respective die-hardiness for our baseball teams and hometowns. I just have a funny feeling that the first theme would have meant things would not ended well for either one of us. Dear Martha and (The Second Life Voice of God) Gardner would have been spending all of their time keeping sharp objects away from us…. not pretty.

    I oh so look forward to doing/thinking/plotting bold things with you and the assembled wonderful folks at the 08 Faculty Academy.

    Go Sox.

  4. Reverend says:


    Sorry for invoking a higher power, I was originally going to write: “God’s only Red Sox fan spared by the Reverend.” But it seemed to inline with the Friday th 13th theme. In fact, I have the feeling we will have more than enough EdTech to talk about that the baseball arguments will be held to a minimum, and given that Jerry is an Orioles fan we could always gang up on him 😉

    Looking forward to finally meeting you and having some fun at Faculty Academy.

  5. Michael says:

    That’s the old Friday the 13th poster. Can you post the new one (holding head with iPod headphones dangling)?

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