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Faculty Academy 2012: Under Disruption

A week from today Faculty Academy with be doing its 17th tour of duty at UMW. It’s become a mainstay on campus, and it’s become one of the few events where the teaching and learning that happens all year on … Continue reading

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Michael Wesch at Faculty Academy

Our keynote presenter at Faculty Academy this year was Michael Wesch, and I have to admit I have never seen him present before. I was at ELI 2009 when he gave a keynote presentation, but the night before proved too … Continue reading

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A Bionic Presentation

Readers of this blog already know I love Tom Woodward, so there need not be any confusion there. And his presentation at Faculty Academy just reinforces why: he brought his “A-game”! I like to tease presenters at UMW that thy … Continue reading

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ds106 at Faculty Academy

I figured I would interrupt the regularly scheduled animated GIFs for a few posts on some of the presentations and projects I have been part of recently. And I’ll start with the quick, lunchtime presentation Martha Burtis and I gave … Continue reading

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UMW’s 15th Faculty Academy

All of us here at DTLT are currently preparing for UMW’s 15th Annual Faculty Academy which will be happening this Wednesday and Thursday—May 12th and 13th. It’s my favorite event of the year at UMW, and it is both inspiring … Continue reading

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Image Credit: “bye, Jim!” by Serena Epstein modified by Shannon Hauser Below you’ll find a pictorial history (and here’s a link to the video—I refuse to embed it here 🙂 !) of the ass-whooping I received at the hands of—the … Continue reading

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UMW’s Faculty Academy: the (Un)Common University

It’s that time again, and the bava is gonna start up its annual marketing campaign for Faculty Academy, which is without question the best conference bang for your buck ’cause it’s absolutely free!  Not only can you catch some of … Continue reading

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PSU Aggregates Democracy

Brad Kozlek (of EDUSHIZZLE fame)  posted about a little experiment they’re doing with aggregation on PSU Blogs. So when you search for the term “democracy” on PSU Blogs, not only do you get relevant posts from around the blogging platform, … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs: Over 1 Billion Characters Served

Well, UMW Blogs is now on a dedicated server after a year of shared hosting to run over a thousand blogs. We are quickly approaching the 1500 blogs mark, and the database is 1.1 gigs with over 11,000 tables. Seems … Continue reading

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Faculty Academy Videos, or the beauty of our New Media Specialist

Faculty Academy posts will be streaming in irregularly as I grok this year’s amazing event. So much to say, but for the time being I’ll be relatively brief. This year’s conference was about many things, pushing the boundaries, going boldly, … Continue reading

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