Fall Reclaim Roadshow at Trinity College

Interest in the Reclaim Roadshow seems to be building as we just had to close the registration for the coming Roadshow at Bryn Mawr in May as we’ve run out of seats. This is the first time we’ve sold out in the two years we’ve been doing these regional workshops—which is pretty cool. 
But do not despair because Jason Jones and the fine folks at Trinity College’s Edtech group have been kind enough to host a Roadshow on October 15th and 16th. We have already opened up registration, so if you are looking for a Domains workshop this coming fall we’ve got you covered. 

For anyone new to the Reclaim Roadshow extravaganza, we run a two-day workshop that is usually hosted by a Domains school to keep the costs down. The first day is primarily geared towards system administrators of campus-based Domain of One’s Own project. Throughout the day we do a deep-dive into managing a cPanel server (a.k.a WHM), WHMCS (the automation and client management piece of WHM), as well as the WordPress portal wherein we integrate all three—a kind of technical holy Trinity of Domains if you will 🙂 Day 1 does come at a cost of $450 per person, and is capped at 15-20 attendees. 

Day 2, on the other hand, is free for anyone to attend, and this half of the workshop has evolved organically into a kind of user-group for Domain of One’s Own schools wherein they are able to highlight how they’re managing domains, to both provide guidance and get feedback from other folks using Domain of One’s Own. What’s more, day 2 is not so focused on the infrastructure of Domains, given there is a tremendous amount of sharing around specific projects and processes for working with staff, students, and faculty. It’s proven to be a generative experience for exploring how many different ways this project can be utilized in and out of the classroom.

You can get a rough idea of how we have designed the workshop by peeking at the schedule for Bryn Mawr’s Roadshow here. If you’re not already signed-up for May, then it may be high-time to get on bus this coming October!

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