God isn’t my co-pilot…

…but after my impulse purchase at the Onion Store, Jesus is now officially my car insurance. The Reverend rides in the Bible Belt!

jesus is my car insuranceImage credit: D’Arcy Norman’s “jesus is my car insurance”

I actually bought two extras because the shipping & handling costs were more than the actual bumper sticker. So to fully engage recent accusations of my being shameless, I will gladly send out a free bumper sticker to the two ten commentators who can most eloquently describe why this bumper sticker would represent “a symbol of [their] individuality and [their] belief… in personal freedom.”

Update: I just bought eight more, people, so don’t lose faith!

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27 Responses to God isn’t my co-pilot…

  1. nathan rein says:

    I can’t think of a good reason why you should send me one, but I am seriously psyched that you quoted Wild at Heart.

  2. The Lord is my turn signal.

  3. jimgroom says:


    Ahhh, doubly sweet you’re being a Religion professor and all! And given I make the rules and you correctly identified the movie quote you have won the first of a limited edition bavatuesdays “Jesus is my car insurance” bumper sticker.

    You can send you address to jmgroom_at_gmail.com. If you’re not comfortable with this, that’s fine because I’ll find you!

    I’m having too much fun, Nathan, forgive me. But in all seriousness, I’m equally psyched at how quick you picked up the reference and commented, you really do deserve this wonderful bumper sticker free of charge no strings attached 🙂

  4. jimgroom says:


    Did you make that up? I am hysterically laughing as I write this. Genius. You get the second one, if folks have more to say, I might just have to buy more bumper stickers 🙂

  5. @jimgroom: yeah. made it up. but I think I need to have it printed on a bumper sticker now 🙂

    my address is “bring it to NV’08 and give it to me yourself, you lazy bastage!” 🙂

  6. nathan rein says:

    Woo hoo! I was hoping you’d say that. Send it to the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Ursinus College, Collegeville PA 19426-1000. Most excellent!

  7. jimgroom says:


    You’re a maniac, I think I like you’re bumper sticker better. I don;t know what’s happening to me this evening, but I am channeling some of that NV goodness. So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna send you the bumper sticker, then go to NV08 and put another one on your MacBook Pro! Wait, that gives me an idea…

  8. Jeff McNeill says:

    Dear Reverend. I am a non-driver, so this won’t fit on the bicycle. However, I do need to add that tho’ Jesus is not my car insurance, he is my primary care physician! All the best, and more.

  9. actually, I’ll gladly stick that on my bike’s rear rack. there’s a spot for it and everything 🙂

  10. jimgroom says:


    You got the third, “primary care physician” qualifies -what network are you in, and what’s you’re co-pay? Send address to jimgroom_at_gmail.com-otherwise I’ll find you! 🙂

  11. nathan rein says:

    Oh and I meant to add… Powermad’s playin at the Hurricane!

  12. Teddy Diggs says:

    . . . which is why I carry no deductible.

  13. So I deserve one of those because like Mike Huckabee I believe that encouraging safe sex is like encouraging domestic abusers to “hit a little less hard”.

    I think encouraging car insurance is much the same. Aren’t we saying by promoting car insurance that having accidents is OK? That you can drive a little faster without worrying so much? That blowing an occasional stop sign is OK, as long as “all your friends are doing it?”

    Where does it stop, Jim? Can you tell me that? Next they’ll be putting “driver’s education” in the schools and showing kids how to apply to Geico and State Farm… oh my gosh. It’s happening…..

  14. Mikhail says:

    This sticker is symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom because we Jewish Americans have long searched for a means of articulating, in a sly and pithy way, our conviction that your Jesus was way cool but only way cool.

  15. jimgroom says:

    Jehovah! These are good answers.

    @Teddy: That’s one bumper sticker for you. Who needs a deductible when you have the son of God as your claims agent?

    @Mike; That’s one for you too, the political angle was certainly an excellent way at this issue. And heretofore underdeveloped. Thank you, and I may even send you an autographed screenshot of bavatuesdays for your beautifully played extended simile. Nice work.

    @Mikhail: I was wondering when the Jews were gonna chime in on this one. You’re people are few and far between down here, and such a solution for NYC would make the question of car insurance extremely problematic. A wrinkle I had not fully conceptualized until your comment, that’s one for you too.

    Four more to go!!!!

  16. God’s not my copilot, but he love me long time.



  17. jimgroom says:


    Love the Full Metal Jacket reference, but I am really going to send you one because I loved your stories on the “D’Arcy Norman Effect” post, not to mention that you are such a good sport with all my WPMu shenanigans.

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  19. Barbara says:

    I trust that you have seen this….


    I believe the bus had your bumper sticker on its bumper…


  20. jimgroom says:


    Brilliant, you are now officially on the bavabus!

    Thanks for playing along 🙂

  21. David says:

    I live in the bible belt. Jesus bumper stickers and plates never seem to go out of style to these folks. Having a sticker like this on my firebird would most likely get me the finger from plenty of people if not shot. Here’s one for you, probably lame:

    When you drive by God’s light…
    Who needs headlights?

  22. jimgroom says:


    Nothing like a comment from a fellow traveller in the Bible Belt. Is God’s light kinda like driving with the brights on? 🙂 I dig it, make it official at CafePress.

    By the way, I still have two more bumper stickers, and I would willingly send one to you if you just give me an address you could recieve them at. Contact me here: jimgroom_at_gmail.com

    Thanks for the fun comment, and keep the faith!

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  25. That would be the chocolatey-est thing that has happened all year!

    Btw, we met at the TRU workshop at Tobiano golf course in Kamloops a couple months ago.


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