The D’Arcy Norman Effect

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From Alex Ragone’s post Not Drupal, WordPress MU (emphasis mine):

So a few weeks ago I blogged about the Drupal installation I was going to create. I had a plan and began to implement it. I had installed Drupal in a Multi-Site configuration but as I worked on the server, I realized that it was too much…At about the same time, I saw D’Arcy Norman post a tweet about his new WordPress MU installation and how great it was to install and how easy it was to use… I realized that what we needed was an intranet type site and that building it with WordPress MU would be much easier than Drupal. If eventually we needed the functionality of Drupal, our teachers and students would be used to a web based Content Management System and the switch would not be so difficult…With that said, I built our new intranet in WordPress MU.

The most powerful WP Fanboy going!

Paging Bill Fitzgerald…paging Bill Fitzgerald

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8 Responses to The D’Arcy Norman Effect

  1. this is what I get for handing Jim my camera in Logan 🙂

    first, convert everyone to WordPress. Then, rule the world! (insert maniacle laughter here)

  2. or, maniacal even. stupid thinko.

  3. jimgroom says:

    I love you, D’Arcy. Thanks for getting the good word out for your favorite Reverend!

  4. Alex Ragone says:


    Thanks for your clear tutorials and blog posts. I think I may have overlooked them in my post. Lots of guidance from bavatuesdays!

    More soon.

    – Alex

  5. jimgroom says:

    My pleasure Alex,

    Good to see a savvy NYer has come to the lighter side of the web!

    I’ll be following you closely, cause the questions you ask in your post are excellent ones, that I would love an answer to.

    And thanks for taking my shenanigans in stride.

  6. Hello, Mr. Groom,

    I’d like you to tell you some stories:

    1. A couple (Jimmy and Jimmie) leaves on a cross-country road trip from San Francisco to NYC. In Utah, Jimmy breaks up with Jimmie. In Kansas, both Jimmy and Jimmie say things they regret. In Ohio, both Jimmie and Jimmie start to think: maybe it’s for the best.

    As they pass through Pennsylvania: much discord.

    Finally, after a long and arduous voyage, they arrive in NYC, older and wiser. They arrive at sunrise, and while the experience has been long and somewhat unpleasant, they are filled with a sense of hope. They part ways, never to speak again, but glad for the experience and optimistic about their future.

    2. Max, a resident of the Upper East Side, wakes up early to go for a jog in Central Park. He starts off strong, but a half mile into the run he feels winded, and, a few steps later, he stumbles, and lapses into a walk. “It’s a nice day,” he tells himself as he walks. “And I like things that are easy.” On his way out of the park, he is mugged, and loses his wallet and his apartment key.

    Story 1 details the metaphorical experience of a Drupal site admin. It’s long, it’s not always pretty, and in the middle of the process you might say things you regret. But, at the end, you are left in a very good place.

    Story 2 details the metaphorical experience of a WP site admin. It’s easy, convenient, and feels good. And in the beginning, you are in a very good place. But the trip never ends, and the never ending stream of admin tasks can leave you pretty depleted.

    Both WPMU and Drupal are great apps in their own right. With Drupal, the set up requires some time and attention. WPMU lets you get up and running faster, but requires more attention over time. So, I guess you could say that WPMU is the ideal choice for those with nothing better to do 🙂



  7. jimgroom says:


    I knew you wouldn’t disappoint, but I had no idea how pleasurable this one would be: stories (parables?) comparing WPMu and Drupal. This is really getting religious. I can’t top either one of these, but each story makes me think of one of my favorite jokes: the Clown Joke.

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, and it has nothing to do with Drupal, WPMu, or parables (nor is it to be read as a response) but I get a kick out of it and your responding in drawn out stories made me laugh and think about the sacred joke. So, I’ll respond with one recounting of it.

    Clown Joke: Read At Own Risk

    Folk history of the Clown Joke here.

    The version below taken from

    There once was a little kid named Billy who loved clowns. I mean LOVED them. He had posters of them all over his wall and pictures of them everywhere. One day his parents took him to the Circus to see all of the clowns. He was so excited! He never saw one up close before! In the middle of the show, a tiny little car came out and out came 20 clowns! He was cheering so loud he couldn’t speak for a couple minutes. Just then, the Leader of the Clowns took a microphone and asked for a volunteer. Billy raised his hand and shouted ”Me! Me!” The clown looked around and said ”You!” as he pointed at Billy. He was so happy!

    Billy joined the clown on the floor. The clown looked down at him and asked, ”Are you the horse’s nose?” Billy said ”No…” ”Are you the horse’s ears?” ”No…” Then the clown got an evil look in his eye as he said ”Then you must be the horse’s ass!” The whole tent shook with laughter, and Billy cried his eyes out. He couldn’t believe a clown made fun of him like that! He swore revenge!

    Billy grew up, he went to college, got a job, got married, and had a few kids, but still never forgot what that clown did to him. One morning he saw an ad in the paper for the same circus, and decided to go. He knew the PERFECT insult to get him back! When he told his wife and kids he was going his kids asked if they could goto the circus with him. He calmly said ”No. Daddy has something he needs to do there.” In the middle of the show, a little car came out and out came about 20 clowns. The crowd cheered, except for Billy. The Leader of the Clowns took a microphone. It was the same Clown! Billy was so excited that he could now get revenge!

    The clown asked for a volunteer. Billy calmly raised his hand. The clown picked him! Billy joined the clown on the floor. The clown said ”Are you the horse’s nose?” Billy stayed calm and said ”No.” The clown asked ”Are you the horse’s ears?” Billy replied ”No.” Then the clown said ”Then you must be the horse’s ass!” Billy knew his time had come. As the crowd laughed and everyone cheered, his anger grew. Now was the time for revenge. He looked deep into the clown’s eyes and said… ”Fuck you, Clown.”

  8. That’s beautiful.

    I love stories about people achieving their goals!

    Thanks — really, there is no better way to start the morning.



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