Graffiti is Art!

UMW Blogs is up and rolling again this semester—with a brand new look no less, that’s all Martha Burtis, and as she polishes off the BuddyPress integration we’ll have much more to say about that—and Professor Nina Mikhalevsky has raced out of the starting gate with guns a-blazing. She linked to a video titled Muto by a group of Argentinian graffiti artists as the kick-off to her Banned and Dangerous Art Freshman Seminar.

Is it art? Well, watch the following seven minutes of awesomeness and try and argue otherwise.  I dare you!

MUTO from K?safilmci on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Graffiti is Art!

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  2. Blogging is graffiti (the first 4 and the last 3 paragraphs mainly)

  3. Reverend says:


    And you wrote that in May of 2005 no less. That is an amazing post on many levels, it harken back to a day when people actually blogged, to start with. But it nails so much of the DIY culture and the importance of conversations and trackbacks to ideas. It’s cool to read this stuff from our vantage point now, and I think it’s pretty cool I’ll be able to get nostalgic about blogging sometime soon 🙂

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