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“Video Killed the Radio Star” at Reclaim Hosting

Lauren posted about this back in January when we first got the art because she is better than me, but Reclaim Hosting‘s site has undergone a subtle re-branding from vinyl to VHS. We launched the new art for our site … Continue reading

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Bavatumblr Archived and Retired

I had a 3 year run on Tumblr. It lasted between July 2012 and August 2015. I loved Tumblr for the GIFs, the film screenshots, and the digital art more generally. I could and did spend hours just scrolling through … Continue reading

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The Blog that Knew Too Much

Today I picked up this very large, colorful French film poster for Mario Bava’s 1963 film giallo The Girl Who Knew Too Much. It’s pretty special, and not just because it’s a cool piece of vintage film poster art for … Continue reading

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St. Zeno and St. Anastasia walk into a Burger Joint in Verona

In an effort to organize the over 8000 photos I took this year and generally catch up on some blogging of my travels since January (see this post for more rationale/navel gazing) I’m gonna start with my most recent day … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Saturday in Melbourne

Writing a post to sum up my time in Melbourne would be far too daunting—even for such a formidable blogger as il bavalino. So, I am going to do two things: break up my posts and try and capture the … Continue reading

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Dead Moocmen Live

Bryan Mathers is a genius.  Have I said that already?

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Make Some Noise

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a conversation I had with Bryan Mathers at OER17 regarding the new default splash page for new accounts on Reclaim Hosting. I got so taken away with Bryan’s Dali take on Reclaim that I … Continue reading

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Reclaiming with No Regrets

Yesterday was like Christmas at Reclaim Hosting, we got a bunch of new art for the Reclaim Hosting aesthetic (it’s all about the aesthetic!) from the brilliant Bryan Mathers. We’ve been working together pretty regularly over the last 8 months … Continue reading

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Jaws Diorama

I was just searching the term “digital diorama” which Vint Cerf used during his Decentralized Web Summit talk, which I really enjoyed. So, a quick search led me far afield as usual, and I came across this unbelievably gorgeous diorama … Continue reading

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She-Devil with a Wallet

On my way out of Fredericksburg yesterday I stopped off at the Art Gallery/Studio Ponshop to pickup up a new comic wallet. Almost two years ago I bought the Hulk wallet there, and I was due for an upgrade. I love(d) my … Continue reading

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