I can has tools?

I can Has Tools?

Joe McMahon, the youngest Instructional Technologist at DTLT the next to youngest instructional technologist we have working at DTLT (second now that Shannon has joined the fold), is a rock star! Over the last week or so Joe has been writing up an overview of six free, web-based tools that we will then recommend to incoming Freshman during this week’s indoctrination ceremonies.

None of these tools will be new to most of you, but I really love Joe’s off-handed style in the six overviews of the respective tools that he writes up on this site. We will be converting much of what Joe wrote here into a less colloquial tone as a resource for faculty and staff interested in a number of powerful and free online tools. Joe’s approach in the student-centered site is quite refreshing, and he does an excellent job of framing their relevance in at once a nonchalant, perceptive and focused style. Whatever we write up for the more official sounding version for faculty, there is no doubt we can learn a lot from the playful, yet clear tone that Joe brings to I can has tools? Thanks Joe, loving your handiwork!

Update: And in fact, Martha has already done an excellent job of working through a number of these tools beautifully here.

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  2. Teresa Kennedy says:

    Yes, and he is soooooo cute.

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