Maradona Dancing

I don’t pretend to be much of a soccer fan, but Diego Maradona is just about one of the coolest figures of the last 30 years. Just imagine taking Italy by storm, and in particular Naples, with sex, drugs, and one hell of a dance routine. Enjoy this gem.

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  1. Shannon says:

    He just makes it look so easy, like he has the ball on a string, he can manipulate it into doing anything.
    I’ve pulled off a “Maradona” once in a soccer game, an exhilarating feeling.

  2. jimgroom says:


    A soccer player -explains the unfathoamble stamine. So a quick question -is the magic of Maradona’s grace and Elvis-like hips still felt on soccer fields across this great nation?

  3. Brian says:

    One of the first YouTube clip I ever favorited was this one:

    Did you see the reports of his appearance on Hugo Chavez’s tv talk show(!) a week or so back?

  4. jimgroom says:


    That is excellent. I had no idea Maradona was a Chavista, I also had no idea that Chavez is now the dictator for life of Venezuela. Oh the wonderful stuff I learn when Lamb returns to the interwebs.

  5. The Maradona video is pretty sweet —

    This one of Pele is pretty fun as well —

    Both are much more fun to watch than the cheap hacks from Italia in the last World Cup, who fell down if anyone breathed hard in their general vicinity.

    / me ducks 🙂



  6. jimgroom says:


    Did you just Italian bash on the bava? You, sir, are a madman! I would defend Italy, but given they are world champions I imagine they can defend themselves–unlike the rest of Europe!

    Via Italia! E viva la sinistra!

  7. Maradona says:

    There is not much I can say regarding Italy’s match against Spain; other then I saw it in Bar Napoli and in the company of those who had been there for Italy’s previous match other then the already known fact that we won 2-1. Naturally as with any quarterfinal match, this one was not without its great moments which saw cheers from us; Italy’s ever faithful tifossi. The first of which coming at the 25 minute mark when a long range effort from Dino Baggio found the back of the Spanish net and put us ahead 1-0, which was also the score that ended the opening half.

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