I’m done!

Image of the bava as closedIt seems like the internet refuses to realize that I made it. I have been a source of sweetness and light for the edtech blogosphere for almost four and a half years now, selflessly giving everything I have to anyone who wants some. But it seems that is not enough, now it turns out people actually want my analogies to be intelligent and subtle, and that is where I draw the line. NO MAS! Looks like you won’t have Jim Groom, a.k.a. the bava, a.k.a. the Reverend, to kick around the internets anymore.

I’m officially resigning my position as the leader of the edtech blogosphere, and will sit by and watch it devolve into chaos as a result, and then you will all realize just how much I made each and every one of you.

So long chumps, and I hope the page load hits you in the ass on the way out.

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56 Responses to I’m done!

  1. Awesome touch with the Minutemen, @dandan.

    Wait! That’s it! The Bava is just setting the stage for a phoenix-like rebirth from edupunk to edupostpunk!

  2. Jerry says:

    Now that Jim has closed the blog, he will be touring all the state fairs of this country doing live dramatic readings of past Chronicle articles that praised his work.

    The 2010 “Bava and Corndog Tour.”

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