I’m just a beard

We played with the Flip video cameras we got at UMW for the Digital Whitman class this past Tuesday, and we all had some fun both reading selections from “Song of Myself” and recording one another from all kinds of angles. What’s more is that the very digital Mara Scanlon got the class three Whitman Beards that will be worn regularly by select students over the course of the term. Gotta love the beards!

There are now 68 videos of the various class members reading their selections now posted in the Looking for Whitman YouTube account, take a look. I imagine this is all fodder for a larger video project/mashup down the line. And ’cause this is my blog, and nobody blogs like the bava, here I am reading a selection from “Song of Myself” with a lot of heart, let’s face it, the kid is good. In fact, nobody reads Whitman like the bava, NOBODY!

And, in other Whitman news, the UMW’s student newspaper The Bullet has an article about the class wherein I sound like a Twitter fanboy, which I’m usually not, but I do see it as potentially crucial for fostering a distributed community beyond the blogs and syndication, or even through them. But more on that anon.

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5 Responses to I’m just a beard

  1. Tk says:

    Nobody emotes like the Bava, either.

  2. Reverend says:


    I am pretty emo!

  3. peter naegele says:

    Very cool, Rev! You should start growing a beard like that now!

  4. Steven Egan says:

    First thing that went through my head was a parody of “I’m Just a Bill”. For some reason it just seemed fitting.

  5. Reverend says:


    You know, we should do a mock version of those School House Rock videos, that could be funny. But, the more I think about it, the more I think that such sacred work should not be profaned—it is an honor to make you think of “I’m just a bill”—a timeless classic.

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