I’m One of the Greatest Animated Comic Book Artists! Well, actually…

Paul Bond tweeted out a link to this post featuring 25 of the greatest animated comic book covers of all time—which means the last three or four years when they became a thing.

I cannot resist any reference to animated comic book covers, so I had to follow this luscious link bait. I wasn’t surprised to see so many of Kerry Callen’s animated comic book covers represented so heavily. His work is amazing, and basically started the “craze.” When I first saw his Spider-man, Iron-Man and Justice League animated comic book covers back in 2011, I immediately knew this had to be a ds106 assignment.


So, while browsing the list I was pretty floored to see an animated comic book cover I created back in 2012 was included in the list. The Incredible Hulk GIF for the comic “Free At last” was wedged between the work of real artists who actually know what they’re doing.


While I was pleasantly surprised to see the GIF get some love, I have to come clean and recognize that I couldn’t have made this one on my own. To realize this awesome vision of this pulpy-green schizoid psyche I employed the help of Alan Levine and Tim Owens, who did most of the heavy lifting! The finished product is still pretty rough, and the line where the two halves meet suggests this is a b-GIF all the way, but that may be part of the allure. Or so I tell myself.

I’m kinda lucky the folks over at Comics Alliance aren’t hip to Michael Branson Smith’s work, because I can’t think of any animated comic book  cover GIF that competes with this masterpiece.

Nonetheless, the web continues to rule, even if I don’t. I want to thank the academy….

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  1. MBS says:

    Very cool. And great company to be with – Kerry Callen and ABVH. And if you haven’t already check out ABVH’s Tumblr. He’s an incredible motion graphics artist.

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