Improved Site Admin blog & user navigation in WPMu 1.3.3

I just noticed that the latest release of WPMu (1.3.3) finally has a user-friendly system for navigating system-wide blogs and user information. Granted this is a minor detail in many ways, but it makes a huge difference when you are browsing Blogs/Users, or just want to quickly see if there are any new spam blog or bogus users — which often show up on the very last pages if you are doing regular housekeeping.

As of version WPMu 1.3 you still had the “Next Page” link, which when you have 60 or 70 pages of blogs/users amounts to a colossal waste of click time.
Site Admin-->Blogs navigation WPMu 1.3

So, a page navigation system like the following makes a significant difference for all those hardworking admins.
Site Admin-->Blogs navigation WPMu 1.3.3

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One Response to Improved Site Admin blog & user navigation in WPMu 1.3.3

  1. Matt says:

    “a colossal waste of click time”

    Hmmm . . . now, why does that sound like an apt description of my life?!

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