Inspired: X-Files Minimalist Movie Poster

xfilesThe artist behind this piece, Kaileyck, is in Jennifer Polock’s section of ds106 this semester. I’ve been following her work through Twitter thanks to the hashtag, and I’ve become a fan of her art. Here minimalist poster of The X-Files was striking to me because while stark, the shadows, color scheme and composition suggest the complexity of designing something so stripped down. So many elements have to work well together to lull you into a sense of naturalized minimalism, and this piece did that so quickly for me that I was taken by it. The “X” does so much of the work here, and its placement askance on the page and part of it out of the frame suggest the truth is out there in terms of the rest of the X, we just can’t see it 🙂

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2 Responses to Inspired: X-Files Minimalist Movie Poster

  1. Richard Schwier says:

    Great analysis, and what an excellent example to follow. I also love minimalist design. The shadows in the corners also intrigue me. Also a reminder of the darkness closing in?

    • Reverend says:

      Nice to hear from you on the bava, and I love the idea of the darkness closing in from the shadowy corners. Such good stuff is produced from #ds106, and finding a way to share it has become key. But as always, nothings better than getting comments about the sharing. And I’m sure it means even more to Kaileyck. You instilled that vision in Alec Couros, and few do it better than him.

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