Introducing Rockaway Hosting

Over the last few months Tim, Lauren, and I have been building out a new hosting service to complement the work we already do at Reclaim Hosting. You would be surprised how many times over the last 3 years we have heard, “Do you host non-education sites?” In fact, more than a few times folks we know quite well have avoided hosting with us for various projects because they did not want to blur the lines. Up and until now we have been pretty laissez faire about this, we recognize our focus is education (higher ed to be even more specific), but we rarely if ever turn folks away. But given our support is stellar and our prices are quite reasonable, the expected was bound to happen, we continue to grow well beyond higher ed.

This is a good thing, and we’re not complaining by any means. At the same time we want to ensure we can guarantee the same level of support and low prices for our core folks at Reclaim (i.e., faculty and students) while still providing options for those outside education. Hence, the birth of Rockaway Hosting, as I wrote in the About page:

While Rockaway Hosting is a new hosting venue, the folks behind it are veterans. Rockaway was born out of the related, but distinct Reclaim Hosting which is focused on supporting faculty and students in higher education and counts over 15,000 customers to date. The increased interest in hosting with us from a broader, non-academic community resulted in Rockaway Hosting.

Think of it like this: Reclaim is the record label dedicated to higher education, whereas Rockaway is a venue that provides a stage for anyone who wants one.

Speaking of the venue/stage metaphor, Bryan Mathers has done some of his most inspired work for this project. I think “The Rockaway” club image is one of my very favorites.


And the “rock on” Rockaway logo is pretty awesome.


We offer two plans (personal and business), additional storage, and extras like video chat training and support:

We will also offer site migrations, and check out that art!

So, Rockaway Hosting is officially a thing, we have tested it in soft launch for the last 6 weeks or so, and all is working well. So if you, or someone you know, is looking for Reclaim-level hosting that is not education specific, Rockaway is now an option.

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