Land of 1000 SPLOTs

So, Reclaim Today is a thing. Tim Owens moves so fast it is hard for the rest of us to keep up, but there are officially four episodes of our live video show, and I’ve been in half of them 🙂 The one I was part of earlier this week, Episode 3: Land of 1000 SPLOTs, was a lot of fun. Tim and I discussed SPLOTs with Alan Levine for about 40 minutes or so, and it was a discussion that reinforced—at least for me—the power of small, distributed EdTech. While folks fret about LMS marketshare, Reclaim Hosting wants to provide as many simple, small teaching tools as possible that are easily installed and cheaply hosted. We are starting this with a few of Alan’s personal portfolio SPLOTs built on top of WordPress—specifically the Big Picture Calling Card and Highlights Calling Card:

You’ll notice above they have their own unique installation icons, and once installed they look so pretty:

All this means we can start to expand the number of applications (and not just WordPress-based apps) from the broader community. It’s exciting, and the amazing work the folks at Coventry University are doing with SPLOTs really points the way forward. I could go on about the possibilities forever, but then you would never watch the video.

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  1. Aaron Davis says:

    I am enjoying the new . I was interested in your comment about bookmarking. I feel that I have different solutions set up for different purposes. I guess what is missed in the end is that aren’t they all just a file with a bunch of links. The real challenge that I find is which method would help me to uncover what it is I think I am looking for the most efficiently.

    Also wondering, the would look good in a SPLOT?

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