LED Marquee Lights in Condor and Robotron

Below is a quick video showing off the LED strip setup for lighting my Condor marquee. Most of the tube marquees I have work, but for those that do not I am installing a simple LED solution because it will be a bit more efficient, last longer, and help preserve the original equipment. Not to mention I don’t think you can buy old gold florescent lights in Italy any more. I know some might take issue with using LEDs for some abstract notion of purity, but after dealing with enough of these games that you want to actually play, you quickly learn that old power supply units represent a huge amount of overhead, and if you can modernize that alongside the original components you can save yourself some serious headaches.

Anyway, it was a pretty simple conversion. You can get strips of 12V LED lights and put them in a cut-to-size aluminum LED channel with a diffuser lens. After that, you would use a 12V switching power supply to convert the AC voltage (between 110-220V) coming into the original florescent light and convert it to 12V DC for the LED strip. Finally, I used silicon to fasten the aluminum LED channel to the pre-existing light fixture and that was that. It should cost about $20 to do this for a game, and it might save you at least that in electricity if you use them a fair amount.

I do think the Robotron and Condor LED marquees are looking quite good with their new LED light overlords!

Image of Robotron Marquee lit up with LED lights Image of Condor videogame Marquee lit up with LED lights

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