Mary Lee You’re Too Close to Shore

When I was at the University of North Florida last week (an awesome experience I’m planning on blogging) I had the pleasure of hanging out with the folks from the Center for Instructional & Research Technology. One of the things I noticed as soon as I walked in their offices was a Replicator working away. Donatella Schianomoriello was experimenting with the wonders of 3D printing, and it just so happens she had recently printed a Great White Shark’s jaw. I was blown away—and whiel remarking about my love of all things shark, Mike Boyles showed me a site I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since: the OSEARCH Global Shark Tracker.

This site actually tracks a host of sharks around the world that have been tagged by this non-profit organization. It’s an amazing research resource because it actually allows you map where a specific shark has been. For example, the Great White Shark below is a 16′ and 3500 lbs. shark that’s been tagged more than a year ago. Her name is Mary Lee.

Mary Lee Great White Shark

What’s remarkable about this tracker, as Mike pointed out, is that it not only gives the shark’s current location, but tracks everywhere she’s been since being tagged. The following image demonstrates her path up and down the Eastern seaboard and all the way out to Bermuda since last September. It’s amazign to see the pattern she is following.

Mary Lee Shark movement

But what Mike pointed out to me that actually blew my mind was just how close this shark was to the shore of Jacksonville, Florida on January 7, 2013. Take a look for yourself.

Mary lee Jacksonville

Actually, take an even closer look!

Mary lee Jacksonville close-up

That’s some frightening shit right there. And as I was talking about this today in UMW’s Makerspace with Andy Rush, he noted I should teach a class on the cultural history of Sharks, which reminded me of the “Intermediate Shark Genres” from McSweeney’s. All this to say, sign me up! If someone would be crazy enough to let me teach this class, I would have a total blast. Years and years of fear, love, and compulsion set loose on one class! I have to start working on the syllabus!

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9 Responses to Mary Lee You’re Too Close to Shore

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  3. Tom says:

    Strange coincidence. I actually did a shark attack unit for my 6th grade class way back when. I was pitching it as an idea for someone yesterday.

    • Reverend says:

      I even reference the link to the McSweeney’s you sent me back in the day. I have a ton of resources to pull from. I actually might build a syllabus independent of ds106, and ne that caters towards ds106. Why not, right? I mean, look at me here:
      Jim Groom carries a shark

  4. Tom says:

    Sharks and zombies. Strange how often we circle them. Someday we should do a shark themed presentation.

    Also John’s old Valentine.

    • Reverend says:


      I’m always looking for an excuse to work with you. Let’s find the right venue and “chomp”! Funny enough, I was recently talking about the Education Insurance presentation we did from the future, we’ve had more kicks than pricks.

  5. Bryan says:

    This is fascinating, scary shit, to be sure, Jim; and I mean that will all sincerity with regards to both the Mary Lee story, and the idea of you (and Tom) ganging up on a Cultural History of Sharks class.

    Something tells me there would be some interest among the 14 year old crowd I hang with. Keep us posted!

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