My class and I have been talking a bit about mashups in our Museum Interpretation and Design class as we try an figure out all the possibilities we have when approaching a virtual exhibit. One student, on her own initiative, came up with a great new logo for Mashups. She titled her post with the image she created as follows: “A Little Fun with Photo Shop (ie I was bored.)” I am never that creative when I am bored. In fact, the intersection of boredom and creativity might need to be re-examined after this little gem!

Mashup Preview

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3 Responses to M*A*S*H U*P*S

  1. Brian says:

    Do you know if this image is licensed by CC? [Rubbing hands…]

  2. jimgroom says:

    I will have to talk to her about it in more detail, she made it on a whim and uploaded it to the class gallery. Given that, CC has not even entered the discussion as of yet. But I promise you it soon will.

  3. Gardner says:

    Boredom=alpha waves=creativity on the way.

    Excellent work. Kudos to student and teacher.

    My boredom always cancels alpha waves. Gotta get a chiropractor for the cerebrum….

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