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The Psychology of Movie Trailers and the Long Game of #ds106

This past week we had the unique opportunity of having an incoming Freshman, Anna Rinko, present to a room full of UMW faculty about the psychology of movie trailers. She was the kickoff speaker for the two-day Digital Media Workshop Andy … Continue reading

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This Week in ds106: Mashups, Remixes, Fan Fiction and Archiving

This Week in ds106: Mashups, Remixes, Fan Fiction, and Archiving from umwnewmedia on Vimeo. I spent the penultimate class session of this semester’s ds106 talking about remix culture before YouTube, a la Jonathan McIntosh’s article I discovered today. During class … Continue reading

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Il Mashup: some ds106 productions

I was unbelievably impressed with the mashups the internauts in ds106 came up with for our 9th assignment. I took a pretty different approach to video this semester, I stuck with it intensively for about 3 or 4 weeks. Andy … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Lost Ark “Premake”

While checking out YouTube user Whoiseyevan’s YouTube channel for my last post, I noticed he has put together an awesome mashup that is premised on the idea of using footage from old films all over YouTube to create a trailer … Continue reading

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Zombie Marvels, or is it Marvel’s Zombies?

This post over at Cartoon Brew features some fun fan art by YouTube user Whoiseyevan, who has re-cut the trailers for the 1960s super hero animated series of Captain America, Thor, and The Fantastic Four into Marvel Zombie versions. And … Continue reading

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Negativland’s “Our Favorite Things”

I got a postcard in the mail the other day from WFMU announcing their upcoming record fair in NYC. Unfortunately, I won’t be making it up next weekend, but I did notice an announcement about some Negativland shorts under the … Continue reading

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Judges 5:27

“…At her feet he bowed, he fell: where he bowed, there he fell down dead.” I’ve spent much of the early morning hours reading through Brad Efford’s awesome Judges 5:27 blog—the Reverend’s last man on ELS Blogs! It is, without … Continue reading

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Mashups, Italian Style!

Well, Antonella Dalla Torre’s Italian 202 class had its first annual La Mattina degli Oscar (The Morning of the Oscars), and it was quite a special event. Good food, everyone well-dressed, and the culture was first rate, now that’s Italian! … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead, take 3

Finally, the last and mashed installation of my Dawn of the Dead (1978) series which took far more technical and creative energy than I originally imagined. The idea behind this experiment was simple: create three commentaries upon the social/political sub-themes … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead, Take 1

Over the next three days I am going to be publishing three different videos dealing with George Romero’s genius horror film Dawn of the Dead (1978). The first of the three (this post) is a six-minute, edited “argument” of scenes … Continue reading

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