Monkey Steals the Peach

Image Credit: Theremina (Click for source)

I just wanted to make sure that I posted this on the bava for posterity. This image profoundly touched me, and I want to thank @noiseprofessor for letting me know such a thing exists.

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6 Responses to Monkey Steals the Peach

  1. Giulia says:

    Let this be a lesson.
    A very very important lesson.
    When @noiseprofessor is in the DTLT chat, read it!
    Imagine the gems you have missed. No, don’t. You’ll be too sad.
    Just please don’t ever ignore the chat again. Thank you.

  2. Giulia says:

    ooh yeah, and..
    This is meant to be performed just after doing a mortal combat dance.
    One should say, “GET OVER HERE!” and then an ominous disembodied voice should bellow, “FINISH HIM!”

  3. uncle fester says:

    you practiced this right?

  4. Mikhail says:

    So that’s what that’s called!!! Massive blood loss causes death. Too true.

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