MPEG Streamclip just got a whole lot better

I have always been partial to MPEG Streamclip because it is a simple editor, convertor, and viewer all in one. It has its issues, and it can be buggy, but I have been using it for well over 5 years and I have come to love it. Not to mention it was developed in Italy 😉 All that said, I stayed away from the recent beta for Mac that was released in March (1.93.b5) because I was afraid of courting anymore bugs. But that was before two students in the ds106 Summer of Oblivion course that starts tomorrow blogged about how they used MPEG Streamclip to grab the clips for their animated GIF from YouTube. What?! Class hasn’t even started yet and they are already showing the bava up!

So, MPEG Streamclip can basically suck in any YouTube video and allow you to edit it, convert it, and download it in the file type of your choice. Very, very cool! Below is a screen shot of how easy it is:

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8 Responses to MPEG Streamclip just got a whole lot better

  1. otto paertz says:

    Wait? What?

    This is pretty awesome!

    Gonna check it and get back to you on the flipside. Gotta animate some Clark Gable and stuff.


  2. Reverend says:


    Loved your animated Montgomery Cliff, he is a favorite of mine. Might need to do some Red River aniamted GIFs. And this feature is pretty awesome, I’m excited.

  3. Cheryl Colan says:

    The first thing I’m doing when my laptop boots is nabbing that beta, bava.

    • Reverend says:

      I gotta say it is pretty slick, kind of the perfect youtube video downloader given you can edit it to just what you want before you bring it on your desktop. I am gonna shop this around to professors here at UMW, I know they could use it.

  4. Andy Rush says:

    It was pretty buggy in a previous beta, but I need to try the latest!

  5. Alan Levine says:

    It gets in a loop when you grab a still frame- it seems to want to do another, so you have to cancel out. But the grabbing directly from YouTube is sweeeeeet.

  6. This tutorial is clear and simple, however, it never work on my pc do not know what is wrong. Any advise of yours would be quite helpful. Thx…

  7. All seems pretty easy to manage though, however doesn’t work for me. I am in serious trouble homeworks need help.

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