Name that 80s movie #4

Experimenting a bit with The Noun Project and Illustrator before today’s Breakfast Club edition of ds106, and figured I would throw out another 80s movie 4 icon challenge because I can!

The Noun Project Credits:
Television by The Noun Project
VHS Tape by Ted Mitchner
Lips by Davide Eucalipto
Gun by Simon Child

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4 Responses to Name that 80s movie #4

  1. Daniel Phelps says:

    Sex Lies and Videotape

  2. Trip Kirkpatrick says:

    Bava = Cronenberg = O’Blivion

  3. I’m aligned with Trip (and I stink at guessing) that this is Videodrone, especially for the order of the icons, it is the plot. It is close to SL&V, but the TV and the tape would seem duplication.

  4. Reverend says:

    Trip and Alan,

    The TV is the retina of the mind’s eye, therefore…. 🙂

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