Natural Bridge Wax Museum: Robert E. Lee

I think for any Northerner living in Virginia (and for many where I live in Virginia is a far cry from the South, right Tom?) is sooner or later (most likely sooner) going to be struck my the godhead status of [[Robert E. Lee]] throughout the South. He is more than a mere man below the Mason Dixon line, he is a kind of spiritual icon. (The other one is [[Stonewall Jackson]], but I’ll get into that later.) And if you want to get a sense of the reverence for Lee, check out this diorama of Lee with both Jackson and Jefferson Davis. Here is a bit of the audio narration:

Robert E. Lee carried two banners towards fame and immortality. First, as a soldier, he was a man of supreme ability. Second, he was a man of rare integrity and a great spiritual force. [Emphasis mine]

It’s pretty plain from the narration that I’m not really overstating the case here, Lee is a God in the South—nothing less than a “supreme, spiritual force.” Crazy, crazy stuff.

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