New bavaframes

Well, back in May my loving children broke a pair of glasses that I had owned and worn for almost twelve years. Since then, I have been wearing glasses with only one arm, primarily out of necessity and a staunch refusal to buy a crap pair of glasses.  And while I flirted with the idea of playing the contact game, in the end it isn’t my bag. I have to admit that for the first month or so it felt kind of weird walking around with one-armed glasses. I often tried to tape them up or hide the lack with a hat or a fake hippie wig. But time is  a funny thing because now, over four months later, I have become pretty comfortable with my one-armed glasses—I almost feel kinda like the one-armed boxer. Eventually my colleagues and neighbors stopped asking me when I was going to get them fixed, and I stopped caring if and when they did ask. I figure it’s a kind of mental training for the tough times that lay ahead (in fact, I have been in such training most of my adult life).

So, having survived for 120 days with one-armed glasses I am excited to both announce and introduce a new, integral member of the bava family. After searching on EBay for just a half hour today I found the perfect eyeglasses for the low, low price of $39.99! So tonight marks the beginning of a new and improved era of bava eyewear that, my children allowing, will last for the next decade. So, without further ado, here are the new and improved (and specially reinforced) bavaframes:

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14 Responses to New bavaframes

  1. Brad says:

    This is big, big news! Those new frames are KILLER, I am a huge fan.
    Can’t wait to see those bad boys put in action!

  2. Hello, i’m a chilean librarian, i read about, 2 month (but i dont remember when), Edupunk, i’m think is pretty cool.
    For now i beging to design blogs, but my problem is agree to mys blog. and i see you do it in your blog.
    You cant explain me how, in the wigget area i do it, but they dont see in my blog.


    (my inglish is it not so well, i hope you understand)

    Santiago de Chile.

  3. Matt says:

    I can’t believe that the era of the fake hippie wig is over. Say it ain’t so!

  4. Mikhail says:

    About time. As Sol Moscot would say, mazel tov!

  5. Reverend says:


    I love that you name dropped Sol Moscot here, because I had been seriously considering a trip up to Grand Street to get me new glasses. I just haven;t had the time. Sol Moscot is the real deal, old school opticians at their finest.

  6. PC says:

    Woa, they have a marvellous hint of David — mo’ name-dropping — Mamet about them…


  7. Tim says:

    you are so weak!! I can’t believe you gave in to this materialistic society. back in the day we just made due, what’s the matter with one armed glasses? what type of example are you setting for your children?
    its people like you and your excesses that have to take blame for this economic crisis we are all in today!!

  8. Reverend says:


    Finally commented on the bava, you brave man, you.

    Now in answer to your comment, I was actually waiting for the government to bail me out so I could buy some glasses, but they decided against bailing me and my excesses out, so I had to go to the well. And while I take partial blame for the crisis we are in today, I really think it is the fault of people who wear glasses in general, and we as a group are draining the economy by depending about a false set of eyes to show us the way forward, kinda like the US over the last 8 years.

  9. Mikhail says:

    Didn’t you get those old jams at Sol Moscot’s oh so many years ago? The LES location kicks ass over the 14th St. one, btw.

  10. Kati says:

    wow…that’s…wow. well, here’s the next decade.

  11. Oh, this sucks. I’ve been wearing my backup glasses for 6 months now, and i finally decided on a pair over the weekend.

    And I thought I’d go for the late sixties early seventies “fade” style, via goggles4u:

    But once again, I turn out to be merely walking in Jim Groom’s footsteps…

  12. Lederer says:

    I have infiltrated your sanctum you elitist fool. You could have easily have fashioned an arm using a few cigarettes and some masking tape. You have given in to the Man.

  13. Reverend says:


    What are you Tim’s lawyer now? You Long Islanders sure are fiesty. But I’ll have both your weak asses know that if you are going to be a guest on the bava, you must the respect the bava. You bad mouth the bava, and we have a problem. You dig? I won’t ever forgive you that Pacman festival you went to with Daryel in 1982 without me and then rubbed it in my face, and this is my chance for serious pay back. Beware Lederer, beware!

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