New Day Rising

While folks have been marching, protesting, and generally kicking fascist ass in the USA, I’ve had my head in the clouds. Not only literally as we work to roll out Reclaim Cloud, but also figuratively as I find myself day-dreaming of an alternative future for the country I was born in. And that is thanks to the many courageous folks who stood up and said they had finally had enough of a racist regime that was literally suffocating its people. As it plays out on my screens and throughout the Italian media, it’s readily apparent the African-American community has led the charge and precipitated what many of us are hoping will be the start of a new day.

I’m far away and forever in debt to those who rose and continue to rise, but for the last few days thoughts of home have me smiling rather than shaking my head. Thinking back to a land where the seeds of equality, possibility, and the people’s ability to change the status quo may be taking root. That all seemed far away these last 4 years as I watched from afar, and between the dis-information, fear-mongering and brutality it became increasingly easier to grow despondent. But when folks see through the violent strategy of financial and emotional austerity and refuse to be silenced, that’s a break in the socio-political dam that spouts hope.

So, I just want to recognize what’s happening, what matters and thank all those back home who refused to let fear get in the way of hope. You are heroes. What’s more, I recognize my absentee role in it, and beg forgiveness as I proceed to put my head back in the cloud to pass the days in hope 🙂

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