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New Day Rising

While folks have been marching, protesting, and generally kicking fascist ass in the USA, I’ve had my head in the clouds. Not only literally as we work to roll out Reclaim Cloud, but also figuratively as I find myself day-dreaming … Continue reading

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The Bloody Waters of Higher Ed

When the waters get bloody and they’re red, it’s time to move on to bluer oceans. —Chris Bustamente, President of Rio Salado College I spent yesterday at Framing the Future of Higher Ed, a conference that consisted of working policy … Continue reading

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John McCain’s a broken down crane

I love this punk song, which is an original composition and performance by one very cool nine year old. I have to say it, Kirby is a DIY godhead, so very, very EDUPUNK!

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Jefferson’s Permanent Revolution

I have been on a Thomas Jefferson kick lately. Given this, I was really excited to read Peter Rock’s recent post “Jefferson, ideas, property, and the constitution”, which discusses the fallacious logic that ideas can be treated as property. So, … Continue reading

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P4P: Universities as techno-corporate thinktanks?

I’m a fan of TorrentFreak, it’s one of those rare blogs that streams interesting news on a very specific subject and openly acknowledges its biases while providing the reader with a ton of information to fend for themselves. In fact, … Continue reading

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1988: The End of an Error

2008 is going to be the end of an even greater error!

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The Painful Politics of YouTube

Now, I understand Mike Huckabee is a conservative nut case and may possibly be the worst Republican candidate of an extremely bad pool. Nonetheless, his campaign strategy for YouTube show an unbelievable amount of pop culture savvy by playing on … Continue reading

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James Farmer and the Great Debaters

James L. Farmer, Jr. was a major figure in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. He was a renowned orator, one of the founders of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), organized the first sit-ins, and was … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart, Iraq, and an Inexcusable Silence

Lee Rosenbaum’s article in today’s Wall Street Journal adds another layer to the post I wrote about Randolph College selling off its art collection (inspired by Rosenbaum’s original post here). According to the article, one of the major forces behind … Continue reading

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Torrent Parties

The blog Torrent Freak is a relatively recent favorite of mine. I have read it sporadically for a while, but it seems like things have been heating up as of late in bitTorrent land as the MPAA and other interest … Continue reading

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