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OU Create

University of Oklahoma’s Domain project OU Create has gotten a redesign, and I absolutely love what they have done. The above GIF—which is just the tip of the iceberg of their new site—captures the possibilities of a Domains project better than any post I could write (linger on it). OU continues to push hard on their domains work, and the fruit is everywhere apparent. They are a brilliant example of the fact that you don’t need an army to run a domains project, just some old school hard work and dedication. What’s more, they are subtle. Check out the subtle love letter to indie edtech in the background of another section of the homepage. Can you find the indie album?

Screenshot 2016-01-22 18.08.53

OU Create

The fact that Oklahoma is have so much fun building out their domains project is everywhere obvious, but their ability to also build an aesthetic and an ethos around their work is a sign that this could be a much broader shift in the academic web culture of the university.  And that’s the thing. It’s the work that matters, and it’s everywhere apparent at Oklahoma!

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