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Reclaiming Wake Forest

I’ve been traveling pretty consistently to colleges, universities, and conferences talking WordPress, WordPress Multiuser (than multisite), ds106, and Domains of One’s Own for around 13 or 14 years now. When I visited Wake Forest University soon after Domains19 last month … Continue reading

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The Art of #Domains19

View this post on Instagram Blasting aliens, destroying asteroids, and punching monkeys with @jim.groom A post shared by Zach Whalen (@_zach_whalen_) on Feb 17, 2019 at 2:39pm PST There was a fairly short turnaround between trips as Antonella came back … Continue reading

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Berg Builds Community

Invite you to take a little time and explore @Muhlenberg’s new Domain of One’s Own community portal. @floatingtim built it to raise engagement with and visibility of our Berg Builds #DoOO initiative. The portal and the work featured there is … Continue reading

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Domus vindicare regnum tuum

One of the many cool things I took away from visiting Coventry last week was how they are re-working their support documentation to be more conceptual and visual. A teaching aide that leads you to a particular issue, rather than … Continue reading

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SPLOTting a Path to Coventry

I spent most of last week working from the UK. Coming off vacation I was back on the road, and a couple of days in London was a nice transition back. In fact, I even got to see Phantom Thread … Continue reading

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Bildungs Punk at Re:publica 18

I’ve been procrastinating this post because I have so much to say about my time at the Re:publica conference in Berlin almost two weeks ago, but that never works out well.* So, where to start? I think I’ll start with … Continue reading

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There Will Be No Domains 18

It occurred to us at Reclaim Hosting that if we were going to run a Domains 18 conference, we would have to start the planning now. Fact is, we really don’t think there is a need for another conference right … Continue reading

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Multiple Hosting Accounts made easy for Domains

One of the things Tim has been working on lately that has me excited is deeper API integration between WordPress and cPanel. This Spring we migrated and are now hosting Princeton’s cPanel offerings. Additionally, Tim has been working on some … Continue reading

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Nexa Stop, Torino

Palazzo Madama at dusk, Torino Bad accents based on terrible cross-cultural puns are the best blog titles ever, right? Don’t answer that. Last week at this time I was heading back from a two-day sojourn to Torino. I was invited … Continue reading

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Coventry’s Ashley Armstrong Creates

One of the more affirming things I’ve seen recently related to Domain of One’s Own is Coventry University empowering their student workers to literally design their project. Ashley Armstrong, a second year Digital Media student at Coventry, was charged with … Continue reading

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