Potty Humor

Another take on this ds106 assignment.

Dépaysement: The sensation of being in another country.

Image credit: Think2Create’s “Squat Toilet”

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4 Responses to Potty Humor

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  2. It is that Dépaysement sounds so similar to bowel movement that makes this so perfectly disgusting and awesome.

  3. Thank you for choosing a clean, well-lighted visual. I understand the options and appreciate your discretion!
    I got the word “boketto,” which means “a distant gaze.” No toilets need apply!

  4. Reverend says:

    I had no idea how to pronounce this word given my French is non existent—is this a French word? But I am very glad it rhymes, it makes the effect that much greater.

    Given this class is all about creativity and imagination, I was hoping people would fill in would ever I left out 🙂

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