Radio Scan from night John Lennon was shot

John Lennon A post on WFMU (published back in December 2005) features a radio dial scan recorded shortly after John Lennon’s murder. This file captures the public air waves response to his death, enframing the cultural/media history of such an event in a truly amazing manner. Link. Discovered via

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2 Responses to Radio Scan from night John Lennon was shot

  1. Shannon says:

    Your latest post had a link to this one under similar posts.
    What a neat find. It is one thing to hear people retell what it was like when they found out but, it is another thing to listen in to the actual events.
    It is strange how engaging with an artifact from the time period has a different impact and in my opinion, more powerful. You can get a sense of the shock of what it would have been like to go through station after station only to hear a Beatles song and John Lennon singing.

  2. jimgroom says:

    Beautifully put, Shannon. using this media to re-contextualize history is maybe the single, most exciting aspect of everything we do, at east it is for me. The way in which future generations will be able to access the minutia of history is so unbelievably mind-blowing to me that I can barely fathom its potential, for good and bad mind you.

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