Re-wiring the bava

Yesterday I transferred this blog off our Beathap server to our newest shared hosting server in London: Wire—more on that server and the band that it’s named for in a separate post. There was a bit of a hiccup when I used the transfer tool through cPanel because the main WPMS that I use to run a number of sites (,, and a few others) was throwing errors:

TRANSFER: Account “jgroom”: Warnings 

It deleted the offending tables in the database on beathap (which is a wopping 480MB) and exported and uploaded to the account. I then tried importing the database through command line, but no go. Same thing through PHPMyAdmin. It may just have been too damn heavy.  The site was down for a while why I tried to troubleshoot the issue, but turns out the easiest way to fix it was just terminate the imported account on Wire and just re-transfer. That did it, bavatuesdays came over cleanly this time with no errors, and beathap now has a little more space 🙂 

My bavatuesdays WPMS install is a bit out of control, there is a ton of legacy users and spam from all my experiments over the years, and I do need to break out the various sites and rebuild it. I actually like that this WPMS  acts as a multi-network, but given I started doing it in 2007/2008 I have so much legacy cruft I am thinking it may just be easier to pull it apart and rebuild it from scratch. Here’s to a bavatuesdays overhaul sometime soon, and for the time being at least I have my ow shared hosting server!

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