Reclaim Cloud: Closer than We Think!

Tim and I finally took an hour and sat down and chatted about Reclaim Cloud at length. It was episode 17 of Reclaim Today, and I was encouraged when our colleague Meredith said it really helped her see the bigger picture of what Reclaim Cloud is all about. The whole project is still very much a work-in-progress, but if you want a broader, cohesive sense of what we are thinking about with Reclaim Cloud, this might be a worth a listen.

We have found it really useful to take the time and reflect on our projects over the years, and Tim’s epic re-cap of how we got here makes the point that this has been a long time coming. It is also worth mentioning that we spent about equal amounts of time talk about the technical possibilities as well as the organizing metaphor, Cloud City!, we will be using to try and make the Cloud something folks can hopefully begin to wrap their head around in through focused analogies using a retro-futurist Utopianism that has as much to do with David Lynch films as The Jetsons.

The public beta starts next week, July 1st, and will run through the end of July, after that we are going live with Reclaim Cloud. So if you want in on the public beta, sign-up now at Reclaim Cloud and we’ll send you details once the spherical city in the clouds opens its doors 🙂

A fun technical note, we not only broadcasted live to (a server we run through Digital Ocean), but also used an instance of Jitsi running on the Reclaim Cloud as our video platform, which was broadcast to both Reclaim Radio (run on Azuracast also on Reclaim Cloud) as well as ds106radio.

The vertical and the horizontal in every sense of those words!

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