Reclaim Cloud in Europe!

Image of the European Union flag

EU Region in Reclaim Cloud

It’s official, as of today we now have an active European Union (EU) region in Reclaim Cloud, located in the partynacht central of Berlin Frankfurt, Germany. This has been a long-time coming and we’re thrilled to expand the geographical scope and reach of Reclaim Cloud to the European Union. Not only will this provide additional server nodes in our broader cloud cluster, but it will also help make it easier for existing clients to remain compliant with GDPR regulations.

Screenshot of a dialogue box for installing Azuracast in a EU region on Reclaim Cloud

Azuracast in the EU Region!

With each region added comes a significant investment of time and resources, so it’s very rewarding to see Reclaim Cloud grow from the initial two (US East and West) to now five regions in just under three years. It’s been a big year for Reclaim’s infrastructure to not only expand the cloud, but also shore up security while preparing for an underlying kernel migration. No rest for the weary!

Image of D.R.I.'s album "But Wait, there's more"

DRI’s “But wait…there’s more!”

“But wait….there’s more!” Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be unveiling an entirely new service for high-traffic, high-availability WordPress sites in the Cloud: Reclaim.Press. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Taylor Jadin says:

    Are we sure this isn’t just so you can get the lowest latency on

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