Reclaim Cloud’s 1-Click Mastodon Installer

Creating a couple of videos highlighting Taylor’s 1-click Mastodon installer for Reclaim Cloud has been on my to-do for too long, so this week I knocked it out. I did two quick videos, the first takes you through the basic install. While the installer is a Docker container and most of the heavy lifting is done for you, there are still some manual pieces like pointing a domain, creating an admin account, and restarting the container. Taylor’s guide goes through these points in detail, so this is really just a video supplement to the docs.

The follow-up video is focused on where and how to update the environment variables in the .env file. You use the .env file to add details for transactional email like Mailgun, as well as to point the media storage to a third-party S3-compatible service like Digital Ocean’s Spaces. Once again, this video serves to reinforce the guide we already have for doing this, so if the video fails you can fallback on the guide.

The final piece would be to highlight the simple set of commands to upgrade to a newer Mastodon version. I am working with Taylor to make sure that is working as expected, once that happens I’ll be sure to finish off this trilogy of Mastodon 1-click awesome.

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2 Responses to Reclaim Cloud’s 1-Click Mastodon Installer

  1. Eric Likness says:

    It’s a trilogy ‘cuz it’s a mastodon #amirite?
    1.) Trunk
    2.) Left tusk
    3.)Right tusk,… just like a modern day elephant

    • Reverend says:

      LOL, you are not only the most prolific commentator on thie new blogosphere of old, but you’re also hysterical. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

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