Reclaim Hosting does an OERxDomains21 Debrief

Several members of the Reclaim Hosting team who chipped into the OERxDomains21 conference effort took some time out yesterday to reflect on the experience for episode 29 of Reclaim Today. We did a similar therapy thing after OER19, so it was fun to capture our thinking the Monday after the conference and do yet another victory lap! WE DID IT AGAIN! WE DID IT AGAIN! WE DID IT AGAIN! WE DID IT AGAIN! WE DID IT AGAIN! WE DID IT AGAIN! …. plus I think these chats are fun 🙂

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2 Responses to Reclaim Hosting does an OERxDomains21 Debrief

  1. Chahira Nouira says:

    Thank you Jim and all the team for such an authentic and great debrief!

    You all did it again! I enjoyed following what I could from the conference (had my vaccine on day 1, so I was a bit weak 🙂 ) and loved the ease with which I could access information at any time. I am not a huge fan of combining many platforms but you all did an amazing job to make it happen! I am impressed 🙂

    I like the idea of taking things to the next level and I really hope that conferences will be different in the future and manage to offer a hybrid space where it is about people, what they are passionate about and not so much about the technology! I know this may sound cheesy but often conferences fail because tech just steals the show…

    To the idea of “crashing” some the sessions, Jim, I think there is potential there 🙂 Joke aside, a “we did it again” loop, a friendly reminder “to go walk your dog” or to “join the legendary KaraOERke” may give people a big smile and have that commercial break kind of feeling!

    Well done again everyone and thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and lessons learned!

    Chahira aka CosmoCat :=)

    • Reverend says:

      Chahira comments on the bava, I may have to frame this one 🙂 Thanks so much for all you did with arguably the best KaraOERoke yet, and looking forward to many more opportunities to have fun together with this community, big fan!

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