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Seems like just 100 posts ago I was writing about the bava 3400, oh how time and blog posts fly by. Not sure why 3500 posts feels like a landmark to me, but who am I to fight the urge when it provides a glorious opportunity to blog about blogging. I posted the tale of the blog tape on Twitter earlier today, and while the numbers can only hint at the story, they are almost like mile markers on the long cross-internet journey that is blogging for near on 16 years.

If we do the math that’s about 233 posts a year over 15 years, averaging out to 19 posts a month, every month, since December 2005. I never missed a month since I started, so I’ve been nothing if not consistent. I took the early discussions around blogging as a space of one’s own to develop and document a professional and personal narrative very seriously. In fact, it may be the only thing I have taken seriously over that time, at least professionally.

Over the past 15+ years I’ve realized and come to terms with the reality that despite writing regularly for all this time, I’m not necessarily a better writer. I always have, and always will, struggle with writing. It’s quite hard for me, and I think in some kind of sick masochistic way that’s part of the attraction. But besides my psychological quirks, this blog has given me the unique opportunity to figure out my strengths as a “blogger” which have been documenting the work and trying to capture the development of various ideas over time. And as time moves on I’m finding this approach to be ever more valuable. Not only can I backtrack to things I figured out technically, but also better understand retrospectively how half-thought ideas blogged about became the seeds of some amazing, life-changing relationships that led to projects, courses, companies, arcades, conferences and more to come. This blog made me, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s not about numbers, not about readership, likes and/or subscribers. It’s simply about showing up regularly and being who you are. Folks can talk a lot of shit on me and this blog, and they have every right to (but dare not speak it aloud! :), but one thing I am still proud of is I never felt like I had to be someone else to write it. It truly remains my space, and for that I am thankful. What’s more, you get what you paid for every single time!

So, as Terry Greene noted, I am half way to 7000 posts, that’s a mile marker I think I can reach if my health holds out and the passion remains, but even if they shouldn’t there are no regrets on this here I remain #4life!

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    3500 is very commendable, blog on, blog off…. CogDogBlog 5420! Blogs are nothing without smack.

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