Reclaim Today explores Docsify This

In our most recent episode of Reclaim Today, Taylor Jadin and I talked with Paul Hibbitts about his work to create Docsify This. This tool is in many ways part of a longer trajectory of Hibbitts’s work, which I first learned of through the creative ways he was using the open source flat-file content management system Grav to build out open course templates. His work with open source, markdown-based templates broadened to include Docsify, a lightweight tool for publishing documentation. More recently, he created his own tool, Docsify This, that enables folks to take markdown from any document and convert that into a web-based HTML page without the need for a server—making the entire process as simply as copying and pasting a link. It’s not only a cool, useful tool, but the discussion frames the trajectory of Paul’s work from Grav through Docsify in terms of a journey to make the online publishing process as easy and lightweight as possible. If you’re interested in open source publishing tools that might prove useful and make someone’s life easier, this session just might be for you.

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