Reclaim Today: OER23 Reflections

On Friday Lauren and I sat down to reflect on some of the highlights from OER23, which took place in Inverness, Scotland from April 4th until the 6th. It also provided a welcome excuse to re-visit all the good energy from that event, which was an absolute treat. This video is also doubling as episode 37 of Reclaim Today, given we have a history of reflecting on all the great OER events we’ve attended over the years. I twas an awesome conference, and great to try and bottle a bit of that spirit as we head into Reclaim Open in just under two moneth!

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2 Responses to Reclaim Today: OER23 Reflections

  1. Sheila MacNeill says:

    Love this review, thank you both.

    • Reverend says:

      Thanks for the comment, and also thanks for listening and the inspirational post-OER23 posts and comments, you are awesome!

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