Reclaim’s D.O.A. in Canada

Reclaim Hosting is happy to announce a new shared hosting server in a Digital Ocean’s Toronto-based data center. And while the Toronto data center has been around since 2015, it just got block storage in September. We named this server after the pioneer political Canadian hardcore punk band D.O.A. With their first two albums Something Better Change (1980) and Hardcore ’81 (1981) you have arguably the earliest examples of the new punk style that would dominate the 1980s. D.O.A. political anthems like “Smash the State:”

Or “F**cked Up Ronnie” as an early instance of the sonic war against Reagan that characterized much of 1980s punk:

In fact, the song has been updated for the times:

It’s pretty telling to hear both Henry Rollins and Keith Morris talk about the impact D.O.A. had on the emerging hardcore scene. 

I love Morris’s description of seeing D.O.A. open up for X in LA. 

So, it seems only fitting to christen Canada’s first Reclaim Hosting server as D.O.A. If any one would like us to move their sites to this new server for whatever reason just submit a support request and we’ll be sure to make it so. 

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6 Responses to Reclaim’s D.O.A. in Canada

  1. Grant says:

    Nice! If the need for another Canadian server arises I nominate NoMeansNo

  2. Reverend says:

    I just found this awesome site/archive Hardcore Show Flyers with this double bill:

    Pretty sick.

  3. Grant says:

    Been to a few DOA and NoMeansNo shows … face melting intensity at all of them. Used to have my studio apartment in Vancouver wallpapered in handbills like the one above … wished I had kept them all.

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