Reflecting on the Domains 101 & 201 Workshop

Image Image of TV with Reclaim EdTech on screenI’m glad we had the foresight to record a reflection of our recent Domains 101 & 201 workshop the day after running it because it’s already fading into memory. We set aside a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon to record a Reclaim Today episode about what we liked about the workshop, getting into a rhythm as a team, assigning production tasks, and a bit on how we managed the online delivery as well as some tech-spec talk given it was a new twist on our previous remote workshop setup. While we still had all participants joining remotely, three of four Reclaimers were on the ground in De Pere, Wisconsin producing the workshop in-person.

The hybrid approach to this workshop highlighted the ability to work seamlessly with our remote Reclaimer, Pilot, as well as with folks who joined the stream to do some impromptu sharing  and/or co-present. It helped that the audio setup Taylor put together in the studio was absolutely amazing—it was a real step-up from the bavacrypt acoustics here in Italy 🙂

Image of Reclaim EdTech Domains 101 & 201 Workshop Presentation Site

Reclaim EdTech Domains 101 & 201 Workshop Site

It’s also worth noting that the headless site we created for OERxDomains21—and then parleyed into the Virtual Roadshow last Spring—remained relatively invisible for participants despite the fact it was actively integrating Streamyard. YouTube, and Discord viz-a-viz the dynamic, scheduled presentation site. Invisible is always good for presentation tech, so I count that as a win!

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